Best Over the Range Microwave Ovens


Over the range microwave ovens combine the utility of a microwave that can cook almost anything with the efficiency of a hood that absorbs cooking odors and smoke. While some models fails to serve both purposes perfectly, others manage to offer satisfying performance in cooking and venting. The following models are worth you attention if you are looking for the best microwave 2016 ovens:

Samsung M E21F707MJT Over the Range Microwave

This sleek black and stainless steel microwave makes a good appearance and can blend into the modern kitchen design without a problem. The touchscreen controls make it not only elegant but also very easy to use and incredibly versatile. It’s a large 2.1 cu. ft. unit with a large turntable and an extra cooking rack for dividing space although you can’t use it as an extra oven. Sensor cooking in this unit is taken to the next level as it suits popcorn, pizza, potatoes, frozen foods and it even includes reheating. You can defrost, melt butter, and prepare french fries while this microwave handles kitchen odors with the 4-speed hood that can throw the air outside or recirculate it in case your kitchen doesn’t have an exterior venting.

Sharp R-1874 Over the Range Microwave

Not only is this microwave oven attractive, but it also boasts some features that make it stand out from the other models. First of all, it includes both sensor and convection cooking that enable you to expand the array of foods you can cook in your microwave. Second, it’s user-friendly and offers many features designed to offer freedom in cooking like the Minute Plus button or the Auto Start. The multiple speed venting hood enables it to absorb bad odors from your kitchen while the integrated cooktop lights make it suitable for night use. Although it’s a small 1.1 cu. ft. unit. this microwave oven compensates through many convenience features.

Frigidaire MWV150KW 1.5 Cu. Ft. Over The Range Microwave

There are many reasons why this over the range microwave is one of the best you can choose from, starting with the large interior and the 14-inch turntable that can accommodate large pans and trays. The touchscreen interface features one-touch controls that allow you to make the selections with the single push of a button. You can bake potatoes or make popcorn at the right temperature due to the special features while the Sensor Cooking calculates and adjusts the cooking options according to the moisture of each ingredient. The two-speed ventilation makes it a great hood that can eliminate kitchen odors in any situation.