How to Benefit from Pure Drinking Water from Your Kitchen Sink


Drinking pure water is essential for a healthy living and sometimes this means buying bottled water because the tap water is full of dangerous contaminants. Bottled water might seem like the only solution at first glance, but if you look deeper, you will see that there are other ways to enjoy pure and clean water right from your kitchen sink. Our suggestions are safer, more convenient and more money-saving so you will like them over buying bottled water every day.

What’s in your tap water?

Tap water delivered by the municipality comes from sewage and goes through a series of processes meant to remove the dangerous impurities in it. Despite these processes, many water contaminants remain in the water and more are added along the way to your tap, resulting in a dirty water that can cause more harm than good. Chlorine, heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, bacteria, dust, rust, cysts, you name it, and it’s all in your glass. The effects of contaminated water range from simple allergies to severe infections that can endanger the lives of the more sensitive people.

Fix the problem with a water filter

Back in the days, people had to boil water in order to eliminate impurities but studies have shown that many impurities remain after boiling, so a better method was necessary. This is why the water filters have been designed, so you can enjoy clean and healthy water from your kitchen sink. Using a water filter minimizes the amounts of water contaminants you are exposed to so you will be protected in a long term. Water filters use advanced technologies like reverse osmosis or active carbon that attract the impurities in the water, even the smallest ones and guarantee that your tap water is safer for drinking. You can install a separate water filter on the kitchen sink for pure water or you can opt for a whole house water filter that handles every sink in your house. We found the best whole house filtration systems on and we were impressed with the results of the tests that showed how efficient these units are in ridding the water of all the harmful contaminants. The water filter is, without a doubt, the most reliable method of drinking pure water from your kitchen sink.

Increase your benefits with a water ionizer

Moreover, you can add to the beneficial effects of pure water by installing a water ionizer directly to your kitchen sink in order to obtain alkaline water, a type of water with a high acidity. If finding the most reliable ionizer seems hard without knowing much about these devices, why don’t you take a look at the WaterIonizer best picks and see which item is the best option? You will surely find the one that will best meet your needs. Alkaline water is very good for your body due to the increased number of oxygen ions that ensure a better hydration of your body and a boosted health. Unlike tap water that has a low acidity of around 7, alkaline water can reach up to 14 in acidity so it will be twice as good as water from your kitchen sink.