How to Decorate a Shabby Chic Kitchen


The shabby chic design is the embodiment of simplicity and comfort combined in the most stylish and sweet design ever. These details make this interior design suitable for kitchen designs because it requires little investment and it enhances the aspect of vintage and simple items. Here are some decorating tips to help you decorate a shabby chic kitchen in the best way.

All white

As a sign of simplicity and elegance, you can design an all-white kitchen using white pieces of furniture, white paint, and mostly-white decorations. Add only a touch or two of color to break the monotony but maintain simplicity in the design. If you feel like all-white is not your best choice, combine white furniture with colored walls or the other way around.

Pastel accents

While all white is a good design idea, the shabby chic style can also be created using pastel colors like pink, yellow, blue, green, light purple, and creamy beige. Light colors in soothing tones are the most appropriate for a shabby chic kitchen that doesn’t need bold colors in order to stand out. For a stronger impact, choose shabby chic appliances in matching pastel colors.

Floral prints

Delicate pink roses are so common in shabby chic designs that they became a sort of a pattern of this interior design style. Floral prints can be found on any item from pieces of furniture to the fabrics used in the upholstery to decorations like dishware or paintings.

Worn furniture

The purpose of a shabby chic design is to create the idea of a timeless place that has kept its value and beauty over time, which is why worn furniture is so popular. Cracked wood, peeled paint at the corners, or ancient door knobs are must-have items that embody the idea of a shabby chic kitchen. If you don’t have old furniture in good condition so you can use it, you can use sandpaper on new furniture to add it that patina old furniture has.


From the window curtains to the table cloth to small pieces of fabric tied to the backrests of the chairs, ruffles are great accents in a shabby chic kitchen. Maintain the floral print of the fabrics or choose a delicate lace to add to the sophistication of your kitchen and turn it into a stylish place rather than a room where you prepare food.

French details

Whether it’s a picture of the Eiffel tower or a painting that says ‘Paris’, a French detail will always look good in a shabby chic kitchen because vintage elegance resembles France. Many France-inspired decorations can find their place on a shelf in a shabby chic kitchen and will be enough to offer the elegant feeling the room needs.