How to Find a Good Knife Sharpening System


The blades of the knives tend to get dull fast. This is especially true for kitchen knives because they get used often. For you to be able to restore the sharp blade to your knives, you have to use a knife sharpening system. But finding a good system isn’t that easy. Therefore, if you want to learn how to find a good knife sharpening system that you can use to repair the dull knives, read the following lines.

Types of knife sharpening systems

Knife sharpening systems fall into 2 general categories, which are manual knife sharpeners, and electric knife sharpeners.

Manual knife sharpeners might be effective, but electric knife sharpeners are the more comfortable option to go with. They automatically put the right angle on the blade, which ensures that you won’t make any mistake and ruin the blade of the knife. They usually feature 2 or 3 different stages, from fine to coarse. These appliances require some maintenance work. Therefore, make sure that you empty and clean the electric knife sharpener after every use. The best types of electric knife sharpeners to go with are the ones that have diamond plates. The diamond electric knife sharpeners are the best at sharpening due to the fact that the diamond is one of the hardest substances in the world. Therefore, if you want to put minimal effort into sharpening your knives, and you want to ensure that you’re using a quality device, go with a diamond electric knife sharpener.

What a good knife sharpener must have

A good knife sharpening system must produce a consistently smooth and keen edge that doesn’t have any nicks or scratches in it. It should have a hard, abrasive surface that can handle sharpening your knives. It should offer multiple sharpening stages for you to choose from. Also, it must have an accurate, adjustable angle guide that guides adjust to accommodate multiple blade angles. In order to see which knife sharpeners are recommended by the experts go to and read some knife sharpener reviews. It will help narrow down your choices to the most convenient sharpeners.

Chef’s Choice 1520 – Best knife sharpening system on the market

If you’re looking for a great knife sharpening system, the best model on the market is the Chef’s Choice 1520 electric knife sharpener. You can purchase it for the price of $170. This electric knife sharpener is designed to sharpen Asian, American, and European style knives. It can restore and recreate a 15-degree angle for the Asian style knives and a 20-degree angle for the American and European style knives. It’s approved by the UL and ETL for being safe and effective. This model is designed and engineered in the United States. Also, it features a 100% abrasive flexible polishing discs that create an efficient edge structure recognized for durability and incredible sharpness.