How to Keep a Drafty Kitchen Warm


A warm room will certainly make you feel comfortable and very relaxed. The kitchen, for example, is the place where many people spend lots of time, and they must definitely have the room heated at all times. For obtaining the desired result, here is how to keep a drafty kitchen warm.

An infrared heater would be perfect

In case you do not have a very large kitchen, then you could get an infrared heater. A unit like this will certainly provide you the desired warmth. Therefore, you and your family will feel very comfortable at all times. Infrared heaters come in many shapes and sizes, they do a good job, and lots of people recommended them due to the fact that are energy efficient devices. If you have children or pets, then you must not worry because some infrared heaters are very safe, and they do not represent any danger at all. Make sure you choose a unit that is right for the size of your kitchen, and that will provide you the desired result.

Go for a portable electric space heater

If you are wondering how to keep a drafty kitchen warm, then an electric space heater will certainly help you achieve your goal with ease. Furthermore, it will help you save money. Electric space heaters come in a large range of models so that you can choose a model that is right for you. Since these devices are portable, you will be able to move them from a place to another, which is without a doubt a fantastic thing.

Instead of opening the windows, use a range hood while cooking

In order to maintain a proper humidity level in your kitchen when cooking, and in order to get rid of the bad odors, you should open the windows. This is definitely one of the best things you can do in the summer, or whenever it is warm outdoors. When it is very cold, this is not recommended. Instead, you could use a range hood. Turn this device on while cooking, so that the bad odors and fumes can be completely eliminated. By doing so, the room will remain warm and you will feel ultra comfortable at all times.

You should hang some super thick drapes

By doing so, you will certainly obtain the desired result. Your drafty kitchen will certainly be very warm at all times. In case you do not have very good windows, then you must know that most of the heat from a room can evaporate through there. This will obviously not happen if you have some thick drapes.