Mediterranean Kitchen Designs


Everybody knows that the kitchen is the most multi-functional area in the house. It’s not just a place for cooking and eating, the kitchen is also an area where you spend most of the time. These days, plenty of people use the kitchen instead of the living room for chatting and relaxing with their friends.
The Mediterranean design can bring the Italian, the Greek and even the Spanish atmosphere into your own kitchen. Even if you are not an interior designer, you can create a welcoming Mediterranean kitchen by following our helpful tips.

The colors

When you’re thinking about bringing a Mediterranean atmosphere in your kitchen, you should focus on the color pallet. It’s recommended to use natural warm colors, from terra cotta or other earthly tones to the deep blues of the ocean and sky. Even lavender and yellow are welcomed in the Mediterranean kitchen. The Mediterranean kitchen designs also involve the typical paintings of flowers, fruits or landscapes which will give a fresh air to your place. If you are thinking about adding a bit of color to your kitchen keep in mind the bright mosaic or marble tiles, or choose a vibrant floor finish. Try to play with contrast for creating an eye-catching look.

The furniture

Usually, the furniture in Mediterranean kitchen designs is created from quality wood. You can opt for some dark wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, raised-panel cabinets and granite worktops.
The sink must be made of natural stone or porcelain. You can choose to give an Italian style to your kitchen if you opt for a wooden ceiling. You will change the whole design of your space with this idea.
Other elements such as coffee makers, toasters or mixers can complete the design of your kitchen. In a Mediterranean kitchen, you will also find a flared hood or hand-painted tiles which will make you dream of exotic places. If you want to create something unique, you can opt for a kitchen bar with pendant lights where you can spend the summer nights with your guests.

The lightning

The lighting plays a major role in designing the perfect Mediterranean kitchen. For a beautiful look, it’s recommended to choose large wrought iron chandeliers or metallic pendants. Other options are the halogen lamps or the suspended spots above the countertop. Usually, the lighting gives depth to your place. That’s why is important to focus on choosing qualitative lighting elements.