Minimalist Kitchen Decors


Undoubtedly, a kitchen should provide you spiritual nourishment, and for plenty of homes, it is the soul of family life. The specialists argue that the traditional kitchen design inspired by the rustic or country style will be overshadowed this year by the minimalist modern kitchen. The minimalist style is defined by simplicity being much easier to maintain than other styles. If you are thinking about creating a minimalist kitchen design, here are some ideas which can inspire you.

The color

Whether your kitchen is decorated in a modern or in a rustic style, white should always be your dominant color. White is often associated with good taste. That’s why plenty of designers opt for a saturation of white. White is the color of purity which transform every kitchen in an attractive and modern place. You can also play a little bit by adding some colors such as red, yellow black or coffee on the walls, or decorate your white kitchen with colorful items. The colored decorations will become a focal point in your kitchen. White kitchens are elegant and stylish, and bring a positive charge of freshness.

The furniture

Usually, the furniture in a minimalist kitchen is made of natural materials. A large wooden table with benches where you can spend time with your family. The furniture such as the chairs, sofas, and coffee tables tend to be very few. The storage areas are almost invisible because they are often integrated into the kitchen furniture. When you’re thinking about creating a minimalist kitchen keep in mind that the carpets are almost nonexistent , as well as drapes or curtains , where housing permits.
The minimalist furniture has mirrored surfaces and it is treated with a gloss which reflects light. In our days, the designers opt for minimalist kitchen furniture in red, but also they combine white with black which will inspire you with elegance. You should opt for metal or wrought iron furniture because the metal will make the kitchen look more professional. The functional furniture makes the minimalist kitchen pleasant to use and comfortable.

The lightning

It’s recommended to insert some light fixtures in your minimalist design. Beyond the extraordinary elegance of lighting , much of the visual effect of this style is achieved through a correct lighting . You should replace the big chandeliers with ceiling spotlights, lamps in different shapes and soft colors. You can also opt for pendants and flush mounts which can become the focal point of your kitchen.