Modern Kitchen Designs


Everybody knows that no room in the house is as multifunctional as the kitchen. Being the heart of the house, the kitchen became a versatile room where you can prepare food, share meals and spend time with friends. If you are thinking about a modern kitchen design, functionality should be the key word in your project. We have gathered for you some modern kitchen design ideas which will help you create a nice eating place.

The furniture

You must know that besides the refrigerator, sink, oven and stove which are the crucial components, the modern kitchen has plenty of utensils, pans, gadgets and pots. That’s why you need to focus on storage spaces. If you want to maximize your space you should place some storage cabinets in your kitchen.
Try interesting materials to create a modern kitchen. You can try an elegant option for the counter tops such as granite or marble. Moreover, to be a little more in vogue, make sure you choose limestone or stainless steel counters. Be more creative and add color by using a bright mosaic tile on the floor. It’s very important that your modern kitchen design reflects your personality with its decor and vibe.

The lightning

Nowadays, the pendant lights have become fascinating works of art. Apart from offering the right illumination, they are a fusion between their beautiful balance and the contemporary style. You can illuminate the countertop and your eating area with these lights. There are many other options for illuminating your kitchen. You can opt for suspended neon lights, adjustable chandeliers or you can apply some light spots just in your dining area. You must know the lighting gives depth to your space. That’s why illuminating your kitchen by using some qualitative lighting elements is so important.

The colors

A modern kitchen is always designed in a futuristic style. That’s why you must add some innovative colors and ideas. You can opt for white walls and colorful decorations or you should use natural warm colors which will bring a pleasant atmosphere into your kitchen. Play a little bit by adding some colors such as pink, red, blue or green. You can also try abstract paintings or strong colors to decorate a single wall. This will become the focal point of your kitchen.