Retro Kitchen Design Ideas


When we are talking about the retro style, everybody thinks about an aged or outdated trend. Usually, the retro style implies a lot of vintage touches. A retro kitchen is full of color, texture and pattern prints. If you are thinking about creating a retro kitchen design, you should know that this style is represented by elegant or vintage cabinets with cozy sofas or chairs. If you want to ”update” your kitchen in a retro manner, but you don’t know how to start, here are some tips which can help you create your own retro space.

The furniture

The centerpiece in a retro kitchen design is the furniture. Many homeowners have old furniture made in the 1950-1970s such as tables, chairs, sofas, sideboards or cabinets.
The simple round or square tables with laminated worktops and chairs with chromed metal legs will help you design your kitchen into a retro style.
The furniture is exclusively made of wood with shades of red, orange or yellow. You can opt for color combinations such as red with white or cream with black.
You should keep in mind that the curved fronts are very representative for this style is, for both furniture and appliances such as refrigerator, dishwashers, toasters, blenders or microwave cookers.
However, if you recondition your old furniture, you can create a perfect retro style. Maybe you don’t have an old furniture anymore. This is not a problem because plenty of companies create vintage furniture.

The lighting

Whether you like the aluminum or you prefer the metal lamp with a big lampshade, the lighting is still an important part of the retro furniture decor. You should design your retro kitchen using lightning for walls, floor, and even ceiling. You can also opt for a suspended lampshade chandelier.

The decorations

For this style, the accessories are very important. Whether we are talking about boxes for keeping spices, or a porcelain set of cups and plates, every element is important when you’re thinking about decorating your retro kitchen.
Undoubtedly, these decorations inspire the young people to dream and the elderly to become nostalgic.
The vintage elements including the wood kitchen cabinets in retro style create the ideal interior for your family and guests. If you are a creative person, you can make a rope lampshade. You just need some rope, an old lampshade a glue gun and you can start to wrap the lampshade in rope. This will be a great decoration.

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